Martial Arts International's Young Champions
For Ages 6+ Years Old

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Honing The Skills Of A Champion

Our Young Champions develop self discipline in order to bring out the best in themselves and others.

They try again and again, until they learn something new.

No matter the challenge, they rise to the meet it.

To accomplish this, Martial Arts International teaches lessons in courage, focus, and safety.

Courage. Self-Confidence.

Being a Young Champion doesn’t mean avoiding fear.

It means triumphing over your fear.

That’s why our Young Champions are pushed to their limits in an energetic and safe environment.

Through their own growth and overcoming challenges, they become more courageous and confident.

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Focus. Self-Discipline.

Being a Young Champion requires a strong sense of
self-discipline and focus.

It is this iron-clad resolve that allows them to constantly better themselves.

So they learn hard work and focus will be rewarded, and that giving their best effort can be fun and fulfilling.

They are on a quest to be their best!

Safety. Self-Defense.

A real champion knows when it is necessary to fight and when it is necessary to not.

Our Young Champions are taught that the smart fighter learns to fight so that they will not have to fight.

Our lessons prioritize common sense before self defense.

Only as a last resort do our Young Champions learn the most efficient and effective ways to turn the tide of battle to their benefit.

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About Martial Arts International

The School Of Champions Since 1987
Founded by owner Rick Manos over 34 years ago, Martial Arts International has been servicing the Orange County region to awards and high praise.

The base style of karate that is taught here is Shorin-Ryu. Aside from our traditional influences, we also incorporate modern-day techniques and other effective styles. This creates a more well-rounded and practical martial artist.

All instructors at Martial Arts International began their training under Sensei Rick Manos. Many have even gone to reach higher degrees of black belt, and all are MAI certified instructors.

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