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Training Of Champions

A Master Champion means coming in to train after a long day of work.

Even though there are only 24 hours in a day, there is always time to better yourself.

While you are an adult, you haven’t stopped growing.

That even though you reached your limits, you can always go one step farther

Go Home Sweating

A Master Champion understands that exercising and staying fit is necessary to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

They push themselves every class to get in shape and stay in shape with high-energy, dynamic workouts.

And they know that there is no greater feeling than the pride and joy of breaking through their own limits.

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Go Home Feeling Safer

A Master Champion recognizes that self-defense is not just a series of moves and techniques; it is a state of mind.

At Martial Arts International, they learn to trust in their own abilities.

They are able to handle any challenges that life will throw at them with a humble poise.

They know that they will be trained until their defense is as natural as their breathing.

Go Home A Champion

Come in and you will sweat each and every single class.

Come in and we’ll give you the confidence and tools to deal with danger.

Come in and we’ll make you a champion.

Are you ready?

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About Martial Arts International

The School Of Champions Since 1987
Founded by owner Rick Manos over 34 years ago, Martial Arts International has been servicing the Orange County region to awards and high praise.

The base style of karate that is taught here is Shorin-Ryu. Aside from our traditional influences, we also incorporate modern-day techniques and other effective styles. This creates a more well-rounded and practical martial artist.

All instructors at Martial Arts International began their training under Sensei Rick Manos. Many have even gone to reach higher degrees of black belt, and all are MAI certified instructors.

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