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Our Programs And Classes

Kids Programs

Little Dragons

Our Little Dragons Program is a class specifically geared toward students who are 3 ½, 4 and 5 years old. Through years of teaching experience we have found that students of those ages work best with other children their own age. We have a specially designed curriculum with the younger students in mind.
Our goal is to develop in each student:

  • Listening skills
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Respect for parents and teachers
  • Self-control
  • Stranger awareness
  • And the ability to work with other children

The Little Dragons program is the perfect way for young children to get introduced to all the wonderful benefits of Martial Arts Training.

Kids Karate

Karate is a traditional martial art that instills discipline, respect, focus and other traditional character building values as well as teaching the student the fundamental blocking and striking techniques of self protection.  Our programs include a Basic Karate course, Black Belt Academy and Black Belt Elite.

Our goal is to develop in each student:

  • Listening and focusing skill
  • Self Discipline
  • Self Control
  • Self Esteem
  • Physical Fitness
  • A positive outlook toward challenges

Birthday Parties

Let us host a birthday party for your child!  Parties can take place here at the dojo (recommended), or at your home.  Parties come complete with set-up/clean-up, karate skills taught by a MAI certified instructor and a variety of games to keep the party fun and exciting.


Adult Programs


Our Shorin-ryu karate program blends many of the major styles of martial arts including aikido and judo to make a comprehensive and easy to learn program. Blocks, strikes, kicks and forms provide a strong foundation to develop each student's maximum potential. Earn your Black Belt at MAI!

Fight Conditioning

You don't need to be a fighter to train like one! No matter what your style is, our Fight Conditioning program is a systematic program designed to enhance your fighting skills. The drills are selected to specifically prepare your body for high performance delivery, build up your endurance, enhance your overall fitness and increase your speed and power. The intensive use of combative drills will help you maintain a degree of readiness to defend yourself and our endurance drills will help you to develop a strong mental attitude as well as a strong, agile body.



Motivate Your Employees, Have Fun and Raise Productivity

Offer your employees a dynamic health and fitness incentive at no cost or, supplement their tuition for a low cost, high pay back employee benefit. The Martial Arts International Corporate Programs provide your employees with real savings that extend to their immediate families and there is no minimum number of employees that need to be training.

Healthy employees come to work more often, are more productive and in better spirits. Martial Arts International will keep your employees interested in training and developing mind, body and spirit. We develop Black Belt Champions and community leaders one Black Belt at a time.

It’s Easy to Get Started

To provide how your company can provide all of its employees and their families significant savings on a Martial Arts International Beginner Program please contact the Program Directors at any of our training academies. Please see the Locations section of this web site for the location nearest you.

Parents and Siblings

We welcome the parents, siblings and guests of our members.  You are welcome to visit and view any of our classes.  We request that you stay in the seating area and keep your conversations to a whisper.  Siblings of our members are required to remain with their parents in the seating area at all times.

Parents, when picking up your child from the dojo, please come inside.  For your child’s safety, we will not allow them to leave the dojo alone.


  1. In keeping with tradition, the karate student does not ask to be tested.  Testing is generally held every three months during the student’s regularly scheduled class. Your instructor knows your progress and will tell you when you’re ready for testing.  Requirements for each belt level must be completed proficiently (simply “knowing” them is insufficient) and require time to master.  These requirements are posted in the dojo, or you may ask for a copy.  

  2. Two test days are held on the third month of each cycle. Please watch the newsletter for posted testing days. Students will receive a pre test and if they do well, will be cleared to test on the testing days.   If you are unable to test on your scheduled date, please notify the office in order to move you to the next available date.  NO KARATE CLASSES ARE HELD ON TESTING DATES.

  3. All testing is private, with only the students and Senseis in attendance.  While family members and guests are permitted to remain in the dojo during regular class, we ask you to respect the testing process and remain outside during the testing process.

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