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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Karate?

Karate is a centuries old method of self-defense, which relies on the effective use of the body as a weapon.  The term “Karate” loosely translates as:  “Kara” (empty); “te” (hand).  The system consists of techniques to block attacks and then counter (ie: punching, kicking or striking).  Techniques taught are based upon making the most effective use of body movements. 

Why study Karate?

Karate will teach you to harness your natural strength—not just muscular, but inner strength as well.  Knowledge of the muscles and joints, as well as the vital relationship between movement and balance, will prepare the student physically and mentally to defend himself against any would-be attacker.

Is the Karate program a fitness Program?

All MAI’s programs provide a means of achieving overall conditioning and weight control.  The added advantage of karate is that you learn valuable self-defense skills while exercising.  Since it is dynamic and uses a variety of muscles, it provides all-around exercise and develops coordination and agility.

Who can take Karate?

Karate classes are designed for people of all ages and ability levels.  We have classes tailored for the beginner: Junior and Adult; and of course, for those with advanced training.  You don’t have to be in prime physical condition to begin your MAI karate program.  Anyone willing to concentrate and work hard can learn!

How long will it take me to be “good” and get my Black Belt?

This varies with your level of dedication and natural abilities.  You should feel able to better defend yourself after training with us for six months.  In general, it takes somewhere between four to five years to reach your black belt.

How often should I attend?

MAI recommends two to three classes per week, plus practice time at home. 

Will there be other beginners in class?

Students are grouped by age and rank.  This means you or your child will be in a class with others of similar experience.  Each rank has a rotating curriculum, so students should feel comfortable joining any time.

Will Karate make my child aggressive?

At MAI, we teach children not to use karate in anger or aggression.  Karate is to be used only in self-defense and only as a last resort.  It is one of many tools children can use to handle themselves in a difficult situation.  Karate will also help your child channel aggressive behavior into assertiveness, increasing self-esteem by building self-discipline, character and self-control.

What mental benefits can I/my child expect?

Karate involves learning increasingly complex movements and the memorization of katas (forms), improving concentration.  As students become proficient and begin reaching goals, their self-confidence improves.

What are the chances of getting hurt?

The chance of injury is very small—MAI training is supervised by our Senseis.  All of our black belts are certified to teach and have taken safety and injury prevention classes.  Pads and protective gear are worn while sparring to further reduce potential injury.

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